You have Virgo Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Virgo and your Moon sign is Scorpio. This combination brings fourth more emotions than usual for the normally relaxed and laid back Virgo. You appear sound and intellectual, yet your emotional nature beneath is the true motivation. You are quick on your feet, but be careful not to let your impulsiveness get the best of you. The Scorpio Moon is responsible for the impatience surfacing within you.

You often jump before your look and let the wind take you wherever it may blow. This desire to take leaps of faith can make your life more turbulent that it has to be. Your emotions often have a strong influence over your reasoning and rationalization of things, and you may find yourself following your heart and intuition more often than the path of logic.

You are often seen as an abstract thinker, and sometimes your ideas can be a bit far-reaching. Yet you never fail to support your beliefs with persuasive facts and strong points. Your thoughts are often very strong and relevant, but you still tend to loose grip on what is realistic.

You have difficulty letting others take the reigns and you believe you can do everything best. Many times, you are your own biggest fan and you strive for more praise and recognition from others. Your high beliefs in yourself are admirable, but be careful not to dominate the floor.

There is no doubt you are a leader and in business, success is bound to be on your side with your abilities to work objectively. Still, you are always craving more excitement and ways to explore new ideas and challenges. Learning to control your emotions in your personal life will bring forth the opportunity for you to enjoy happy and more fulfilling relationships in the long run.