You have Taurus Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

You are determined, stubborn, free and firm. The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign makes you very emotional and sensitive. Naturally Taurus personality is steady and strong but combination with Scorpio moon makes you touchy and moody. You are oversensitive but you can secrete your emotional aspect very finely.

For you right is right and wrong is wrong; there is nothing in between. You are strong-minded and unwavering. You have aims in life and you figure your ways to achieve them. You are attractive and appealing. You are not shy. You like being famous and popular. You can be a great artist or speaker. Your charisma attracts love and romance. Your moody nature can create troubles in your personal life and make it difficult for you to get along with your partners.

You have everything that it takes to be successful in life but lack strong aspiration. You tend to escape the stress of life. People think of you as very ambitious and go-getting but you hesitate to face the demands of success. Some relaxation and break is needed to replenish and get rid of anxieties that may take over your qualities.