You have Scorpio Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

Your Sun and Moons sign both are Scorpio. This combination makes you very artistic and ingenious. You have a very confusing personality. You may be very authoritative and confident sometimes and on the other hand you may be very rebellious and uncontrolled. You are very temperamental and moody. Your life can be either depths of despair or zenith of success. You are very touchy and unpredictable emotionally.

You are very enthusiastic and passionate about everything you do. You can pretend to be strong from outside even if you are very sensitive from inside. You may be too impetuous and hotheaded. You are a determined performer when you have control over your emotions. You have firm objectives and aims. You never try to take shortcuts to success and escape struggle and hard work. You are very focused and dedicated.

You have the ability and discipline to handle crisis situations. You are powerful and dynamic. You can be very authoritative and dominating in personal affairs. You may have a nasty desire to have power over your mate, especially in matters of love and sex. You must be more tolerant and compromising in your personal affairs. Your tendency to be in charge of people must be controlled. You are not very accommodating and compliant.

You can be a very tough and difficult competitor. You have the attitude to devastate what you cannot control. When you are committed and attached to something, you will always be reliable and truthful towards it. For someone to hold this much importance for you needs quite a bit of adulation and praise for you. Your pride and sense of importance are out of limit. You must always be in the driver’s seat to be happy.

It is difficult for you to handle personal relationships because you cannot accept that someone else is more powerful and able than you, and on the other side, substandard people do not appeal to you. You tend to be secluded and aloof.