You have Sagittarius Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

Your Sun and Moon signs combine to produce fast maturity in your early years and an independent personality that knows its ambitions and dreams and goes all out to achieve these goals. The strong intelligence and common sense of a Sagittarius works together well with Scorpion ability to throw everything into the melting pot and stir until the end result is gained. You are an achiever. Once you have made up your mind, you are unwavering till you realize your dreams.

Main strengths of your personality are positive attitude and strong will power. You are very tactful and smart to deal with difficult situations in our work life. You know how to do business with different people and under different situations. You know when to be politically correct and not upset important people. You are very peaceful and tactful, you will avoid argument at every occasion you can.

You are very bright and clever. You think, analyze and act quickly. Do not waste you ability being impulsive and rash. Your sentiments and emotions are your strength. You can channel them to achieve fruitful results in life. Your emotional reactions can go out of your control and make you arrogant and reckless. You can be weak in handling your emotions right. You must develop patience and tolerance to settle your energies and direct them to your benefit.