You have Pisces Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

You have the combination of Pisces Sun sign and Scorpio Moon sign. You are very intense, sensitive and touchy. You have strong will power and perceptive personality. People with this combination are intuitive, insightful and emotional. You are soft and wavering to an extent from inside although you appear tough, single-minded and secure from outside.

You can follow a line of investigation and analysis due to your intuitive and perceptive qualities. You are dedicated, firm and wide awake. You observe things around you eagerly to add to your success. Your strong will power and get up and go attitude towards achieving your goals will reward you with success.

You cannot hide your emotions in public. There can sometimes be a strong flow of sentiments in front of other people. Your vision is not clear to others. You do not open up your cards in public. You are not open and reserve your ideas and plans. You have great expectations from life. Your insightful and observant nature and sensitive approach towards things will help you in life.

You are very emotional and sensitive. You can be overprotective at times and behave awfully with others. You can be successful if you can control your temperament and feelings. It is up to you to use your sensitive feelings to your success or failure. Your emotions can be your strength or hurdles in the path of your success.