You have Libra Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

You have a combination of Libra Sun and Scorpio Moon. You possess an absolutely independent mind which will make you act, think and express in an independent manner. Owing to this nature you have a racing mind which thinks at a great speed to delve deep into matters with unquenchable curiosity. Your inquisitiveness will make you an ardent and clever learner wanting to surge newer heights in life.

You possess tremendous analytical capabilities and logic, but your sentiments and feelings are always prominent. This will make you exceptional in eying every single thing in a stealthy manner. Your approach is so meticulous that you hardly miss even a minute detail and reach your goal with an emphatic win. There is nothing ambiguous and wavering about you.

You are filled with verve and in certain cases it borders on the extreme sides too. You do not go back on voicing out your opinion and cannot stand injustice at all. You will fight tooth and nail and see to it that your point is heard and taken notice. Appearances are deceptive. Outwardly you may appear as a very friendly and meek person but inwardly you are very coquettish.

A born dissenter, you give anything for your ideals always longing for transition and freshness. A zealot to the core, you hardly have any time for those who do not believe in themselves. You possess a multitude of interests that encompass various kinds of arts, philosophies and ideas. With all these characteristics you show a clear bent towards creative jobs or professions rather than business.