You have Leo Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

The combination of Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon makes you extremely moody, unpredictable and explosive. You are overflowing with energy. You are lively, active, energetic and vibrant. You are strong, impressive and convincing. You must be in command of your rage and enthusiasm to be successful in life.

You are specific, choosy and particular in your preferences. You are very sensitive and receptive. You cannot stay away from controversies and dispute. You must control your tendencies to stay away from violent and uncontrolled situations. Do not let your rage take over your mind. Think with your brain and be in command of your sentiments. Use your charged up and energetic personality for positive and beneficial accomplishments.

You have charismatic and appealing personality. You have great administrative and executive skills. You depend upon your emotions than your mental ability. You are sure and certain. You are secure and optimistic. You are dignified and honorable. Your self-esteem and self-interest come before anything else.

You have faith in your sixth sense. Your approach is rational, sensible, objective and reasonable. You are moralistic when it comes to criticize others. You pretend to be principled and ethical but may not abide by them firmly. You are judgmental and critical. You are unfair, partial and prejudiced.

You want to rule others. You want control, command and supremacy. You are motivated and inspired by all these privileges and you achieve them. You are cautious, observant, focused on your self-centeredness. You are not reluctant to perform and respond to your thoughts promptly. You are smart, sharp and clever. You see world as a stage and for you your interests are over-the-top.