You have Gemini Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

The combination of Gemini Sun and Scorpio Moon makes you very sharp and rational. You are influential and powerful. You have an attractive and appealing personality. You are very sensitive emotionally. You are multi-talented and flexible. You have an academically intelligent and bright mind. You are lively, energetic and spirited. You are quick-thinking and smart. You are open, friendly and warm. You are flexible and adaptable. You are genuinely interested in and concerned about people in general.

You, however, lack leadership and managing skills. Others can easily impose their thinking on you. It is not very difficult for others to incline you towards them. People may disturb you from your path and your target. You may get lost and get off your track of success. You are not scared of taking risks in life. Your friends are exciting and electrifying. You do not like dull and bore life.

You do not like routines and systematic approach. You cannot concentrate on one thing for much time. But that doesn’t mean that you lack passion and strength to achieve your objectives. You tend to waste your time and effort in running after leisure activities and personal satisfaction. You may not put your qualities and skills to some good use.

You need to be more cautious and sensible in life to prevent greediness from taking up your mind. You must stop overdoing anything to avert troubles. Control your emotions and senses to be successful. You can do anything if you can direct your mind and heart and use them for some productive work.