You have Cancer Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Cancer and Moon sign is Scorpio. This combination makes you very moody and unpredictable. You are very energetic, vigorous and powerful. You are very impulsive and changeable. It is hard for others to identify with you. You are highly sensitive and touchy. Your behavior can be a little over-the-top at times.

You are charismatic and charming. People are attracted towards your appealing and captivating personality. You have a powerful attitude and appearance. You will be influential in political, academic and public fields. Your pushy and imposing nature makes you a little repulsive. You must use your brain and have control over your emotions to be successful in life.

Your exaggerated emotions can be damaging to you and others around you. You take your responsibilities and obligations very seriously. You are determined, focused and dedicated. You complete your jobs with sincerity and honesty. You are not unfair and ignoble. You are not hard-hearted and spiteful.

Your family and relationships are precious to you. You are possessive and caring. You are careful and defensive when it comes to your family. You are money-oriented and materialistic. You want to enjoy the luxuries of the world.

You are passionate and warm. You are a devoted and dedicated lover. You shower wealth and luxuries to show your love. You tend to be over-protective and envious. You can be very domineering and cynical at times. You are always in the defensive mode, prepared to act when threatened in any way.