You have Aquarius Sunsign & Scorpio Moonsign

Your make-up, having the Sun and the Moon in these two signs, is fascinating. If on one hand you have the creativity, mobility and freedom associated with Aquarius, you also possess the emotional force of Scorpio that, on the other hand, tend to make you live by your own convention.

You are very powerful and convincing. You are positive and your energy if put into right use can be very fruitful. Command your emotions to be yielding and productive. You are firm and an executive by nature. You know how to lead others to get the job done. You are not very flexible and adjustable. You tend to be rigid and tough. For you there is your way and the wrong way.

You demand and hope for honesty and sincerity from others. You are specific and exacting. You have high hopes and dreams in life. Your strong will and single-mindedness will help you be successful and winning in life.

You are clear-thinking and resolute. Even though your ideas may be hasty and foolish at times, you never hesitate taking an initiative. You are difficult to convince and persuade. You are very active and lively. You need to devote some time to entertainment and leisure, to detach from stress of life and revitalize yourself. Your stiff nature and ideals can take a toll on your health. Add some humor and smiles to your life. You are very ambitious and high-powered. You will be very successful owing to your firm and unwavering nature.