You have Virgo Sunsign & Sagittarius Moonsign

People born with their Sun as Virgo and their Moon as Sagittarius are, in certain ways, impractical, visionary thinkers who are highly atypical Virgos. You are able to contradict your own nature and ethics for the thrill of the ride. The virgin face of the Virgo turns its head away while you explore dark alleys and live outside the rules of your own mind.

Your head is not concentrated and constrained like the archetypal Virgo. Your dreamy mental landscape may have very little bearing to what's going on around you. You are unusually abstract and theory-oriented, and you often contemplate unrealistic visions of fantasies of what you would like to be like and mistakes theses fantasies for your reality. Like a typical Virgo, you expected those around you to meet up to your expectations of individual worthiness, but your Sagittarian Moon often makes these expectations completely unrealistic.

You may spend a lot of time lost in your own thoughts, but Virgo's down-to-earth and rational nature can help your daydreams blossom into brilliant artistic expressions. Your biggest trial will always be putting the reigns on your adventurous spirit and focusing on the practical matters of life. Your day-to-day actions may take on a theatrical quality, and you could be very successful in a career on the stage. You have a penchant for non-verbal communication.

You need to be careful in communications that you are not too direct and honest. Sometimes other people will take your carefree spirit to much to heart when it throws a casual criticism in their direction. The thinner emotional skin of those that surround you will be something that you will have to work hard to keep in mind.