You have Pisces Sunsign & Sagittarius Moonsign

Persons ruled by the combination of Pisces Sun sign and Sagittarius Moon sign want excellence and class in life. Ordinary and common things do not interest them. They want everything the best. You are determined and will leave no stone unturned to realize your dreams.

These signs will make you starry-eyed and moralistic. You are over-optimistic and dream bigger that others feel impracticable to attain. There is also a spiritual side of your personality. Extremely high expectations from life make it difficult to live and enjoy. You can effectively express your wisdom and intellect with emotions and feelings as your personality combines the sagacious Sagittarius and expressive Pisces.

You are realistic and positive. Your thoughts are however mostly impractical, fuzzy and hard to pin down. Your thinking and plans are wide-ranging. You do not focus on small details and concentrate on bigger and bigger ideas. Mostly your plans are vague, impractical and unrealistic. You are very open and outgoing. You are not selfish. You have dreams to achieve and you are happy in concentrating on them. Instead of relying on your wisdom and intellect you incline towards idealism and over-optimism.