You have Libra Sunsign & Sagittarius Moonsign

The combination of the Libra Sun and the Sagittarius Moon makes you friendly, open, hopeful, ambitious, extrovert, outgoing and sociable. You are dynamic, bold and courageous. You do not stick to one place. You want to live though different things in life. You want to explore your surroundings and crave for more knowledge of your things around you.

You are very kind, warm, bighearted and generous. You do not discriminate among people. You are constructive, optimistic and believe in yourself. You have firm belief in your principles. Your approach towards life and people towards you is positive. You only see the good and pleasant side of people. You are humanitarian and humble. You believe world is a good place to live in and everyone is cultured and gentle. You do not think there is anything depressing and evil in this world. Or even if it is it will be ok sooner or later.

You are easygoing, kind and amiable. You like people and keen to form new relationships. People may often think that you are too busy to spend time with them. You are not steady and assured of anything. You do not hang on to something for long. Your thinking is wavering and fluctuating. Your optimistic and hopeful attitude and charismatic personality are your assets. You can depend on them for professional success. Your attitude towards your work is unrealistic and unworkable.