You have Capricorn Sunsign & Sagittarius Moonsign

You are very dynamic and energetic due the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. You have a go-getting attitude. You are full of life and charged, both mentally and physically. You have unlimited energy and power. Your personality has a confusing balance of self-control, confidence, passion and impractical outlook.

Naturally Capricorn is vulnerable to sadness and hopelessness. On the other hand, Sagittarius is frank, direct, loud, lively and cheerful. Combination of Capricorn Sun and Sagittarius Moon makes you mature and settled. You get along with people very well. You are poised and stable. You love to party with your friends. You love to spend time with people. You like trying new experiences and exploring new horizons in life.

You must stay focused and iron-willed to attain your goals and aspirations. You are vivacious and spirited. You are always up and about. You are an explorer, never at rest. You are dynamic and vibrant. Do not waste your potential irresponsibly. You are positive, ambitious and hopeful. Your approach may be tactful or straightforward and open. Your attitude is sharp, honest and candid.

You are principled and ethical. You are easy-to-read and communicative. You will be very successful owing to your smartness and intelligence. You are quick and gifted. Words have a life of their own, so think before you speak as your blunt attitude may hurt someone’s feelings.

You are very selective and choosy among personal relationships. But that doesn’t mean that you are not friendly and accommodating person. Intellectually sub-standard people repel you. You like the company of people who adhere to your academic and mental standards. You value friendship but not more than wisdom. You want to be a winner in life. Your Sun and Moon signs will help you be very successful. You combine ethics, values, determination and practicability. You have every ingredient needed to be victorious.