You have Cancer Sunsign & Sagittarius Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Cancer and Moon sign is Sagittarius. This combination is a bit differing and at variance. Naturally Cancer personality is careful, prudent, firm, stubborn and defensive. On the other hand, Sagittarius personality is extrovert, open, sociable and free. Your attitude is more friendly and enlightened than typical Cancer sign.

You are principled and ethical. You maintain a balance of sensibility, reality and morals. You are encouraging and hopeful. You are motivating and stimulating. You are sincere and truthful in your relationships and you expect the same from the other end. You cannot tolerate lying and cheating. You hate small-minded, mean and nasty people.

You abide by your principles and ethics. You have set your objectives straight. You respect your values and morals and do not compromise on any account. You are a little philosophical and idealistic. You are independent and self-directed. You are secure, certain and unambiguous in your thinking. You are determined and unwavering but that does not mean that you are not respectful and diplomatic. You are straight-forward and easy-going. You are direct and candid. You are clear in your dealings. You are not shy, nervous and hesitant.