You have Aries Sunsign & Sagittarius Moonsign

The combination of your Sun and Moon sign blends in you the leadership, innovative, creative, inventive, achieving and rebellious Aries qualities and the principled, moralistic, high-minded and proud Sagittarius qualities. You are very truthful and straight. You admire truth and honesty. Your sense of truth may not be technical and logical. You believe in values, principles and ideals of life set in the society. You are open-minded and liberal. You value freedom of expression and communication.

You have remarkable leadership skills and authoritative approach. You like to be in the commanding position. Your thinking and plans are well prepared and unambiguous. You are clear-thinking and decisive. You are certain, firm and definite. You put your heart and soul in achieving your goals. You are so involved and focused at your aim that you tend to neglect what other people feel and want. You can be hard and rough on others.

You do not like mean, unkind, small-minded, sensitive and greedy people. You are friendly and candid. You are honest and direct. Your thinking is straightforward and clear-cut. You are liked and admired by others but your harshness may paint a negative picture of your personality. You may be unpopular due to your unkind and unsympathetic attitude. You will be successful professionally. You tend to treat all your relationships and associations in a general way.