You have Aquarius Sunsign & Sagittarius Moonsign

You are the best of both Aquarius and Sagittarius, as your sun and moon signs make you a fireball with a mind of your own. Your ideas and thoughts want to fly free. Your character embodies the Sagittarian zest for life and integrity with the Aquarian openness and extrovert nature. You are focused and very clear about your goals, while being sensitive to others in everything you do.

You are very sociable, warm, helpful and kind hearted. You are lively and vivacious. You are compassionate and caring. You are concerned and sympathetic for others. You are always ready to help others. You are not self-centered and mean. You think what others can gain from your work and efforts. You strongly condemn any kind of cheating, fraud and dishonesty. You are a moralistic and ethical person. You will never do anything against your values.

You are straightforward, and all your actions are guided by a sense of honor and duty. Your sense of right and wrong is strong, and you measure others by the same scale you weigh yourself, irrespective of their position in society. You are determined and dedicated. You do not quit unless you achieve your goals.

You are a dreamer with your head in the clouds and your feet firmly planted on the ground. You are a fast decision maker, and don’t hesitate to do what you feel needs to be done, as your convictions are strong, and you are well informed. You feel strongly about what matters to you, and you use that conviction in everything you do. Speed, for you, is of the essence. You are a goal-oriented person, with a very clear picture of what and how something can be done, whether others agree or not.