You have Virgo Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

You have the combination of Virgo Sun sign and Pisces Moon sign. Your personality is thoughtful and considerate. You are shrewd and sensible. You are perceptive and you have an innate ability to understand others. You are deep and intense. You think logically and rationally. You have a very strong sixth sense.

Virgo makes you sharp and bright. You think systematically and sensibly. You are understanding and refined. Pisces adds perception and sensitiveness. Full moon at the time of your birth blesses you with intellect and learning. It makes you intense and understanding.

Your wisdom and strong mind will help you be successful in business. You tend to be meditative and lost deep in thoughts, instead of putting your strong insightful power to some realistic and constructive work. You are artistic by nature.

Your realistic and idealistic sides are perfectly balanced. You may be impatient and jumpy setting your personality and habitual reactions in equilibrium. You logical and intuitive sides are well-balanced.

You are a great listener. You are dependable and loyal. You lend your ear to listen to other people when need be. You lack managing skills but you do not hesitate being in power and control position. You have a good reputation and impression among people. You do not want special attention, but you cannot avoid it too.