You have Taurus Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

You are artistic and inventive due to the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. You have creative and original ideas. Your imagination and thoughts may take you away from the real world. You may harbor an artistic world of your own far from the truth. You have a steady Taurus personality but Pisces Moon makes you a bit variable. You have self-control and discipline. You want love and friendliness but you tend to detach yourself from others.

You are very touchy and delicate. Others may easily influence you by their sweet talk and affection. Your social and personal relations may interfere in your life and manipulate you. You are perceptive and intuitive. You can understand other people’s thinking and ideas. Your friends must be special and carefully selected. You are calm and gentle in nature but if you do not select your relations watchfully their negative qualities may have a harmful effect on your personality and thinking. You are aware and alert but you need to be more realistic. You tend to swift away from the truth and thrive in your imaginative world.

You are friendly and sociable when you open up and get close to someone. You are romantic and affectionate. You are slightly inflexible and firm but it is good in the sense that wrong people may not influence you easily. Do not overdo anything. Excess of any stress and pleasure can be bad for you. Be happy and proud of yourself. Optimism, confidence and frankness will help you in life.