You have Pisces Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

Your Sun and Moon signs are both Pisces. People around you find it difficult to understand your dual character. You tend to examine and analyze your thoughts and feelings at length. You mull things over. You are contemplative and lost in thoughts. World seems to be a bizarre and strange place to you full of odd people and philosophies. You tend to feel isolated at times and it becomes difficult for other people to reach you.

The other side of your personality is very soft hearted and amiable but only the people close to you get to see your cozy side. You are a firm believer of autonomy and self-reliance but that does not mean that you do not value relationships. You are social, friendly, open and a reliable person.

You are responsible, committed and dedicated. You perform your jobs and responsibilities diligently. You believe in yourself and your intuitions. You are smart and insightful. Understanding, perception, intelligence and awareness are your greatest attributes. You are inventive and creative. You take great interest in things around you and examine them deeply. Your thoughtfulness is your drive and inspiration in life.