You have Libra Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

The combination of Libra and Pisces makes you very thoughtful and meditative. You tend to be always lost in your thoughts. You ponder and think too much all the times. You are very emotional and intense. You have a deep and strong personality. Pisces make you very sensitive and serious. You are not as direct and open as a Libra. You are not very outgoing and social. You do not like social gatherings. You tend to be a bit cold and detached.

Naturally Libra personality is open, frank and extrovert in nature. Your personality is very confusing and puzzling for others, due to the combination of differing Libra and Pisces. You tend to be formal and introverted. One side of your personality prevents you from being a loner and another prevents you from being gregarious and extroverted. You remain serious and silent even among a number of people.

You are very helpful and caring. You have the concern and kindness to listen and try to help people around you. You are sensible and have the ability to make sound judgment. You are very intuitive and your hunches will guide you to success. You can catch fine details and particulars to your benefit. You are investigative and good at analyzing facts to make sound opinions.