You have Leo Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

The combination of your Sun and Moon sign makes you compassionate, considerate, gentle and pleasant. Leo is secure, dignified and assertive and Pisces makes you unpredictable, changeable and unsteady. Your personality combines the different traits of both these signs. You are loving and caring. You value your relationships. You concerning feelings and emotions are true and honest. You are thoughtful and considerate. You are very sensitive and perceptive.

You are a great listener. You are kind and understanding. You try to help and support people in their difficult times. Your involvement and connection with people is sincere. Your attitude and thinking is selfless. You are not detached, cold and distant. You are always ready to help good people. Your activeness may exhaust you mentally and physically at times.

You are perceptive, competent and able. You have high objectives, values and goals. You are very truthful and straightforward. You cannot cheat and deceive anybody. You are very alert and attentive. You are aware and informed. Nobody can trick you. You are intuitive and insightful. You understand other people and their intentions.

You may appear forceful, bold, dynamic and strong from outside but you are very emotional, touchy from inside. You may be gloomy and depressing at times. Your strength lies in your friends. Your relationships keep your morale high. You are sober and moderate. You are principled and ethical.