You have Gemini Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

You are highly intuitive and insightful because of the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. Your perceptive nature helps you see what others are thinking. You carry on with different people around you. You are very flexible and adjustable. You are variable and changeable. Lack of persistence and determination are your negative traits. You are not focused and you cannot concentrate on one thing for long. You are very touchy and emotional. Vague and abstract things may disturb and upset you. Small negatives lead to endurance.

You lack profound understanding of a subject. Your knowledge is wide and general in many disciplines. You are interested in learning and gain knowledge about different things in your surroundings. You tend to be impractical and idealist at times. Things may not appear to you what they actually are. However you are overconfident of your outlook and understanding about certain things. You tend to neglect what others think and carry on with your own opinion.

You have created an unreal world of your own and tend to believe and live in it. You are not very ambitious and determined. You are imaginative and innovative. You are not meant to be a businessman. You like pleasant, friendly and simple atmosphere. You feel tense and uneasy in the highly demanding business world. You are multi-talented but you will be most satisfied in fields related to art and academics.

You lack faith and assurance in your abilities. You often feel that others do not recognize your motives. You tend to analyze your abilities and actions. You may form negative and wrong opinions about yourself. You are not sure of yourself and try to give unnecessary explanations for your actions. Your mind is sharp and sensitive but you may waste your senses in planning than executing your plans. You are warm and generous in nature. You are considerate, kind and caring.