You have Capricorn Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

You have a very exciting combination of Capricorn Sun and Pisces Moon. This pairing makes you very compassionate and caring. You are very easy to convince and persuade. You are changeable and impatient on one side and sensible, somber and determined on the other. You are not as stable and determined as typical Capricorn. You are a bit emotional and considerate.

You are understanding and perceptive. Your strong sixth sense lets you know what others are thinking and feeling. You tend to examine and study every event of life very intensely. You are a very truthful and loyal person. You will never compromise with your values, what may come.

You are very interested and sincere towards your work. You always put your full effort in whatever venture you put yourself into. You are not selfish and money-oriented like a typical Capricorn. You are gentle and concerned about others. You are very easy to influence. You must hold yourself strong to escape this.