You have Cancer Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

The combination of Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon makes you highly intuitive and sensitive. You are smooth and graceful. Your sixth sense is very strong and correct most of the times. You are flexible and variable. You are open, emotional, touchy, intense and easily upset. You are easily influenced. You are independent and unique. You are not firm and determined.

You are very calm and harmonious. You are pleasant, affable and courteous. You are tactful and polite. You are not conflicting and at variance. You are very warm and gracious. You are not rebellious. You are gentle and moderate. You do not like quarrels and chaos. Even if you think in a different manner and do not agree with something, you tend to hide your stand and avoid argument and clash. You have your own thoughts and viewpoint but you are adaptable to situations to prevent any disagreement.

You must take your instincts seriously and depend on them for success in life. You are sensible and realistic. You are logical and rational. You are skilled and can turn things in your favor with your diplomacy and subtlety. You will gain success and triumph very often in your professional life. You must trust your abilities and have faith in yourself.

You may be apprehensive and may not share your true self with many. You are distrustful, cynical and skeptical. You are guarded and alert. Your defensive nature may prevent deceitful people from cheating and fool you. Your business acumen is commendable. You are talented and skilled to grab rewarding deals. You are a good negotiator. You do not have many close friends but you definitely have a large social circle.