You have Aquarius Sunsign & Pisces Moonsign

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Pisces Moon makes you very imaginative and inventive. Your mind sorts through the most complicated yet ambiguous concepts. You are an extrovert and a truly people person. Aquarius is sociable, innovative and self-dependent. You are a thinker, and are most comfortable with an out-of-the box existence. Pisces is touchy, intense and creative. Your personality is the perfect combination of all these qualities. You genuinely care about others around you and have an amazing eye for details. You are firm, careful and painstaking. You have a systematic approach in life.

You live in your own world where the unusual is the norm, and where your dreams tread when few others dare. Your love to educate yourself on varied topics and this knowledge fuels your imagination and your almost mystical sixth sense.

Your incredible farsightedness makes you at times lose sight of the smaller and more immediate picture, yet provides you an insight into opportunities for financial gain that most others would miss. You are supremely comfortable in your skin, and confident of your competence and capabilities, that are instrumental to your uncanny attraction to success. You have a smaller attention span than most, mainly because there is so much more to think about!

You are a dreamer. You have firm belief that your fantasies will come true one day. Sometimes your ideas are not very workable and viable. You do not have managing and executive skills but success will touch feet because of your business acumen and wise aptitude. Your gentle countenance and carefree attitude may encourage others to take advantage, and assume you are a pushover. You need to put your foot down a little more often.