You have Taurus Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

You are very congenial and pleasant thanks to the most amazing combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. Taurus Sun and Libra moon make the most attractive and magnetic pairing of all zodiac combinations. You love your family. Your family and home hold the most special place in your life. You are social and connected to the people around you. You are calm and tolerant. You are cheerful and others enjoy your joyful company. You are equable and serene.

You think positive and keep going even in the most difficult times. You are very popular among people. Others may envy you. You are imaginative and creative. You express yourself convincingly. You are able to communicate your thoughts. You like to work when and where you have creative freedom, where you can use your imagination and there are no limits of expression. You have an optimistic approach but you are not motivated to work under restrictions. You need your space to show your talent.

You tend to escape contradictory situations. You cannot handle pressures and conflicting spell. You get uneasy and uncomfortable in clashing situations. Because you are so poised and understanding, you hardly ever blow up. You are emotional and sensitive. Your reactions can be extreme at times. You are very happy when you are in love and you are very nervous and panicky when you face any kind of opposition.