You have Scorpio Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

Your personality is very well balanced and attractive due to the combination of Scorpio Sun and Libra Moon. You are very friendly and affectionate. You do everything in life wholeheartedly and passionately. Libra makes you very outgoing and cheerful and Scorpio provides you with great strength of mind. Scorpio makes you very active, lively and vivacious. You are focused, firm, emotionally strong because of Scorpio. Libra makes you open, frank, poised and insightful.

You are agreeable and affable. You have a very appealing and captivating personality. You are considerate and thoughtful. You never hesitate from helping others. There is much pride tied up in your nature. You can be very exacting and demanding. You want stability and peace in your personality and your surroundings.

You are extremely strict towards the standards you have set for yourself and your close friends. Imperfection in people repels you. You can be a bit defensive and cynical as you grow up. As you get more experienced in life, you will become more selective and discerning. You will become sophisticated and classy as time goes by.

You have high self-esteem and dignity, but you are not nasty. You are very hospitable and cordial. You always try to comfort people in your company. You are a very sociable and friendly person, having lots of friends. You are a sincere and devoted lover. You understand your partner’s feelings and expectations and respect them.