You have Pisces Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

The combination of your Pisces Sun sign and your Libra Moon sign makes you very amiable, charming and warm. Pisces personality is insightful, perceptive and sensitive while Libran personality is social, polite, civil, friendly and balanced mentally. You are a perfect combination of these qualities.

You are levelheaded and steady. You desire balance and equilibrium. You have a sense of balance and your personality has no rough, ignoble, dishonest and unpleasant element. You have a pleasant and attractive personality. People around you will love and like your company for this. You listen and talk to people. You are a positive company for everyone.

You are sharp and far-sighted. Your thinking might not be scholarly but it surely is highly intuitive, aware and observing. You are very understanding and patient. You are open-minded and ready to accept other people’s weaknesses and get along with them.

You do not have a get up and go attitude. You are optimistic and cool. You cannot perform under stress. You deliver your best when you are relaxed and comfortable in doing your work. You plan things but do not execute. You do not act but strategize. You hate deadlines. You may surrender to pressure at times and quit even before your job is done. Your biggest asset is your encouraging and affirmative approach. You see opportunities what others don’t. You are calm and composed. You desire stability and equilibrium in every sphere of life and world around you.