You have Libra Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

Your Sun and Moon signs both are Libra. You are very passionate, loving, affectionate and emotional. You have a magical impact on others. You believe people very easily. Because of your innocent and unquestioning attitude, it can be said that you are easy to fool. You are very idealistic. You are imaginative and artistic. Love, romance, care and attachment are very important pillars of your life. You take life as a fantasy in your own imaginative world.

You are very hopeful and positive thinking. You have an affirmative and constructive attitude. You are very friendly, warm, pleasant and agreeable. You are calm and serene. You are spontaneous and perceptive. You are sophisticated and classy. You do not act in a hurry. You tend to analyze things before agreeing to them. You rationalize and defend your opinions. You can be a bit indecisive at times in an attempt to maintain equilibrium. You try to synchronize things.

You are not the conflicting and confronting types. You are agreeable and affable. You are cooperating and flexible. You are accommodating and accepting. You are understanding, insightful and intuitive. You are fair, objective and unbiased. You can be hesitant, unconfident, uncertain and insecure at times. You can be more successful in your professional life if you are determined, single-minded and if you stick to your aims.

You are courteous, civil, well-mannered and decent. Your warm and pleasant approach in life is an asset. You have elegance and style. You are arty and creative. Your panache and exclusive choice will be handy in your professional success. Your sixth sense is very strong and you often take right decisions. Your spontaneous judgments and hunches are often accurate. You are not forceful and dynamic. Your instincts will take you far.