You have Gemini Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

The combination of Gemini Sun and Libra Moon makes you very cheerful and pleasant. You are very lively, optimistic and upbeat. You are very delicate and soft. You are funny and sharp. Your charismatic appeal is enough to incline others towards you. Your persona is very influencing and convincing. You have a large friend circle. Most of your friends are very powerful and dependable. You have connections with very prominent and well-known people. Your relationships will definitely be helpful in your career growth.

You are not sincere and determined. You cannot put much energy and time into something for long. It is hard for you to focus and struggle to attain your goals. You want excitement and enjoyment in life. Your work and leisure go hand in hand. You value your freedom and liberty. You do not like restrictions and compulsions. You do not like responsibilities and duties. You do not like to be imposed upon. You cannot e forced and compelled by anything or anyone to go in a certain direction. You are your own boss.

You are adventurous and enthusiastic. You love to mix and hang out with people. You work and enjoy when and how you want. Your life is exciting and thrilling. You love journeys and exploring new places. Your life is not boring and dry. You are never down and sad for much time. You are open and outgoing. You are gregarious and friendly. You are loud and talkative. You are creative and imaginative. You can be a chatterbox at times with never-ending tales. You have high expectations from your personal relationships. You are a bit picky and indecisive in love.