You have Capricorn Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

You have the combination Capricorn Sun and Libra Moon. It is a very contradictory and confusing pairing. Capricorn personality is very careful, guarded and restricted. Libra personality is reckless and spontaneous. The combination makes you very friendly and sociable. You may be a little weird and strange at times. You have a very optimistic and constructive attitude.

You are not very sentimental and do not get emotionally attached to people. You are money-oriented. Wealth means more to you than relationships. You like good company and good times. You do not trust people very easily. You are a bit defensive and bigheaded.

You have the ability to be politically correct and get your work done, may it be in business or in any other profession. Your expressiveness and accommodating attitude will take you places. You hate violence and aggression. You are very tranquil and serene. Others admire your ability to maintain harmony.

You also have a very fair and analytical bent to your personality. You have the ability to analyze and assess things and come to sensible judgments. You are prudent and insightful. You seem to have the aptitude for foresight and insight, seeing both the present and future shortcomings in any venture.

You are poised and objectively purposeful. You pay attention to details. You are determined and progressive. You are dependable and responsible. You calm and composed attitude will take you places. You have a very magnetic and appealing personality. You are popular among people around you. You can convince and incline anybody towards you.