You have Cancer Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

The combination of your Cancer Sun and Libra Moon is very complex and entangled. A part of you wants freedom and the other wants reliance on others. Cancer tends to be highly sensitive and isolated while Libra tends to be logical and critical. Libra can make contact with others and do not connect emotionally. You cannot balance the two signs. One values feelings and emotions and the other wants reason and logic.

You are friendly and like the company of people. You do not like to be aloof and lonely. You want to be around friends. But you are not very open and outgoing. You are a bit shy and reserved. You are intense and touchy. You have an attractive and charismatic personality.

You are good with other people. You like crowd and get-togethers. You are more comfortable as a part of a large group. You are loving and passionate. You are caring and warm. You want appreciation and recognition from people around you.

You do not trust people very easily. You have a tendency to be apprehensive and suspicious of people. You do not come close to many people. You maintain a distance most of the times. You are insightful and judgmental. You observe people and tend to scrutinize their positives and negatives. You do not pay much attention to persons you do not find impressive enough. Only the perfect and sound can win your heart and confidence.