You have Aries Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

Aries Sun and Libra Moon make the most conflicting and clashing pairing. These signs are totally reverse of each other. Independence, self-reliance and autonomy are some of the qualities associated with Aries Sun. Libra Moon, on the other hand, needs support and guidance from others. You heart and mind are never in sync. There is a lack of balance between the two views.

You are determined and enthusiastic. You need acceptance and favorable reception from the people around you. You are independent and liberal. Your thinking is personal and private but you need other people’s acknowledgement and recognition. Your need for support from others doesn’t mean anyone can impose his decisions on you. You stick to your own decisions and viewpoints and tend to neglect others’ position and outlook. You are firm in your opinions when you have made your mind.

You are not stable and steady. You cannot focus and give attention to one thing and task for very long time. You can be careless and casual at times. There is also a naïve and idealistic side of your nature.