You have Aquarius Sunsign & Libra Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Aquarius and Moon sign is Libra. It generates a quite interesting personality. Both air signs, you tend to be somewhat a procrastinator, many times lacking constancy and perseverance. You may become profoundly interested in a subject, but after sometime this tends to become boring and you leave it to start another project.

Being detached is a characteristic of Aquarius and the “skimming of the surface” many times seen with Libra, together can make you have difficulties in keeping emotional ties. You may have many friends, but only a few remain loyal. In spite of the fact that marriage is very important to you, as Libra can account for, your Aquarius with its inherent detachment, may make it very complicated for your to stay in a relationship for long. It is hard for you to develop roots.

Rules and conventions go in straight opposition with your personality. This has its price and you may be ostracized and criticized for it. You may be involved in social services and the community you belong to is very important to you. You are usually tolerant and receptive. Your ability to read into people most frequently proves to be right, making you a good judge of character. You can be very persuasive. Having two signs of air in you astral making makes you much more of thinker than a doer.