You have Virgo Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

Your sun is Virgo and your Moon is Leo. This combination results in a forthright personality that is troubled by internal contradictions. Virgo is sharp, dissecting, and selective, whereas Leo is bold, confident, and full of action and life. A battle emerges between Leo's predilection for direct action and Virgo's need for careful understanding as a precursor to action. In most situations, Virgo will, in the end, tend to be victorious.

You have a tendency to do what is right rather than what seems right. You are very cautious, and you have a serious dedication to fulfilling your obligations. You also have a naturally gregarious and forward personality which can seem at times to be almost over-bearing. Your direct and powerful nature may often be a cause for fret when you later spend time in quite contemplation of your words and actions.

You feel more comfortable reigning yourself in until you have the inner-assurance that comes as a result of self-analysis. You prefer to feel that you are moving forward in the best possible way.
Your commitment to morality and ethics is important to you. You expect people around you to live up to these standards and expect others to recognize that you walk your own talk, and most people do see this continuity.

Your sense of uniqueness is built upon the distinctiveness of your actions, which are self-assured and independent of passing fad. You judge people on your own standards, and you tend to be very accurate in your observations. Your ability for firm action and your dedication to ethical behavior will help you to be very successful in life.