You have Scorpio Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

You are very forceful and firm due to the combination of Scorpio Sun and Leo Moon. You have an optimistic and affirmative personality. Your feelings and thinking are not variable. They are stiff and rigid. You must be in command of your emotions and let your mind take over control. You have a very convincing and appealing personality. Your touchy temperament can come in the way of your popularity among others.

Scorpio makes you emotionally vigorous, strong-minded and focused and Leo makes you confident, responsible, commanding and dignified. You have self-confidence and firmness. You are focused, bold and spirited. Your obsessive and extremely emotional nature can be a problem for you at times. You need to have control over your feelings.

You are principled and ethical. You are extremely strict towards the standards you have set for yourself. You are idealistic and romantic. Your image of love and relationships is unrealistic and naive. Imperfection in people repels you. Moral values and honesty are most dear to you. People close to you must be moralistic and truthful.

You always want to be in the commanding position. You want status and reputable title in your professional life. You are investigative and exploratory. Your passionate, strong and sparkling personality will take you places. You can be success in almost anything you put your hand into.