You have Sagittarius Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

You have the combination of Sagittarius Sun sign and Leo Moon sign. You are very kind and loving. You value sincerity and truth. You are friendly and straight-forward. Sagittarius makes you positive, eager and honest and Leo makes you affectionate, bighearted, dignified and dependable.

You have very humanitarian nature. Your judgment is inevitably sound and precise. You are very understanding and broad-minded. You are very sincere and devoted. You want respect, name and fame in the society and you do not hesitate working hard for it. Your approach in life is truth and honesty. You will never compromise uphill struggle for any trick or falsehood.

You are true to your words and promise. You are skilled and talented enough to achieve your goals and aspirations. You need not take help of any ill means to be successful. Sagittarius and Leo signs are both full of energy. They will always keep you up and charged. You will never quit or feel down. You have the determination and dedication to take your goals through to completion. You are not depressed or upset by hardships in life. Your life will be content and satisfied.

The only concern is that you must channel your energies to constructive purpose. Civil services like administration, teaching and legal system will attract and appeal to you. Your public stature is more important to you than wealth. You are very principled and ethical. You are serious and upright. Dull and slow on the uptake people repel you.

You are a thinker. You are inventive and innovative. You not imagine things but work to turn them into certainty. Your thinking is very powerful, thought-provoking and meaningful. If everything goes well, you will have an outstanding and stupendous life.