You have Pisces Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Pisces and your Moon sign is Leo. You are very friendly and congenial. Your personality is a perfect fusion of affection and boldness of Leo and perception and sensitiveness of Pisces. You are loved by everyone around you. Your life is continuously swinging up and down. You may find yourself in an opposite position than the one you actually want to be in. You may want to go down and you may go up at times and vice-versa.

It is more important for you to make other people happy and do as they please than do what you want. It’s your tendency to surrender to the desires of other people than thinking about your harmony. You appear strong and powerful from outside but you fall to the influence of others very easily. Your personality can be unpredictable and ambiguous as you are more helpful and dynamic than others think.

You are a social person and value the bonds you share with people close to you. You are sensitive and emotional. You can be easily upset by things going wrong. One moment you are in high spirits and in the next moment you feel low and disheartened.

You want freedom and command. You want to feel powerful and best among people around you. You cannot accept defeat at work. You cannot accept that anyone else is better and above you. You cannot deal with anxiety and stress of work life. You do not take competition in a healthy manner. You want to be center of success and free to show your authority and superiority. You are admired and accepted by all. Your encouraging and positive personality attracts people and you are liked by all.