You have Libra Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

You are very loving and affectionate due to the combination of Libra Sun and Leo Moon. You are ruled by your heart. Whole of your life revolves around your romantic spirit. You may choose any profession related to love and romance.

Your love life is always exciting and thrilling. It never lacks luster and pleasure. You may be sophisticated and loyal, that doesn’t mean you are not passionate and bold. Being cautious doesn’t mean being dull. You are a principled and ethical person. You never compromise your values for anything.

You are very keen and zealous. You are committed and sincere towards your work. You tend to overdo things. Your reputation and status are very important to you. You are very dignified and work hard to maintain it.

Libra and Leo are not very hard working. You tend to be relaxed and laid back in your professional life. You want entertainment, fun and friends. You are happy and content with this only. You do not have high goals and ambitions to accomplish. You are sociable and outgoing. You get puzzled if some people may try to use you.