You have Leo Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

Your Sun and Moon signs both are Leo. You have a very dynamic, strong and impressive personality. You are determined and motivated. You are single-minded, focused and strong-willed. You want status, name, fame and reputation in the society. You want to be a winner. You want accomplishment and recognition.

People see you as a very cheerful, happy, energetic and an optimistic person. But you are a bit rigid and tough from inside. Your self-esteem and dignity are most important to you. You can never compromise on self-respect and pride. You hold on to grudges and do not let them go easily. You never leave your bitterness towards someone who has hurt your feelings and self-esteem. It does not mean that you are not warm, pleasant and sociable.

You are self-regulating and self-governing. You want to be free and powerful. You want to take charge of things and always be in the driver’s seat. You want importance and appreciation from others. You are a fighter, like typical Leo. You hate and disrespect your opponents. You find them worthless and rubbish. You attack them with cruelty and brutally. But you are not mean and nasty.

You are unemotional and aloof. You are not considerate and thoughtful. You are impulsive and do not like to think much before acting. You are iron-willed, resolute and inflexible. You can always make good or bad of your firm attitude. You are extreme at times and tend to overdo things. You know how to command your and other people’s thoughts. You enjoy luxuries and worldly pleasures. You want respect and adulation. You want high status. You want everything excellent and high quality. You want to realize your dreams and fantasies.