You have Gemini Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

Your personality is magnetic and appealing owing to the combination of your Sun and Moon signs. You are not a close-minded person. You are sophisticated and outgoing. Your tastes are not particular and specific. A broad spectrum of things fascinates you. You are open-minded and flexible. You are sociable and friendly. You get along with almost everyone. You are understanding and liberal.

You appear very carefree and light-hearted. But that doesn’t mean you are not sensible and rational. You are very logical and level-headed from inside. It seems that you are variable and unsteady but in reality you are dependable, truthful, sincere, faithful and trustworthy. You may be inconsistent and unstable at times. But once you have made your mind, you are dedicated and focused, may it be an objective of life or any personal relationship. You may take time to settle down on one thing but once you have decided you are firm in your approach.

Your changeable nature makes it hard for others to identify with your personality and trust you. You are not very simple and straightforward. You need an aim that appeals to you to focus and stabilize your mind. You are fun and exciting. You are genial and friendly. Your good sense of humor makes you very popular and adds sparkle and excitement to events you take part in. You are cheerful and jolly. You are positive, joyful and in good spirits.

You are self-confident and poised. Your qualities will help you progress in life very easily. You presentation and communication skills are appreciated by all. People may not support your opinion at times but your approach is always appreciated. You get disheartened and depressed when personal relationships don’t go well. Your personal traits of attractive and good nature will be handy in life. Lady luck will shower her blessings on you. Your sensibility will help cruise in life very smoothly and successfully.