You have Capricorn Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Leo Moon makes you very authoritative and responsible. You are born to lead. You are very dynamic and full of life. You will be a winner in your life. You will earn name, fame and reputation in the society. You are independent and self-reliant. You may be dominating and commanding. You show your superiority and authority. You tend to remain isolated and out-of-the-way, which shows your dominating personality.

You do not have to put much effort and struggle to get your work done; your magnetic personality is enough to turn the game in your way. You can be political and forceful as the situation demands. You want control and authority but you are not too loud about it. You are calm and in control.

Your self-confidence persuades others to have faith in you. You have firm belief in your abilities. You want responsibility and authority because you want every work to be completed efficiently. You are practical and realistic. You are not an idealist. You believe in facts and figures. You are not very demonstrative but devoted. Your goals and aims are most important to you. You think with your mind not sentiments.