You have Cancer Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

You are not highly reserved and introverted like typical Cancer personality due to the combination of Leo Moon with Cancer Sun. You have high self-esteem and sense of worth. You are secure, optimistic and assured. Your honor and esteem are important to you. You work hard to present yourself well. You try to make an impact on others in the very first meeting. You want people to like and admire you. Opinion of people about you must be excellent and exceptional. You are warm, caring, friendly, sociable and gregarious.

You want status and reputation in the society. You want admiration and recognition. You work for appreciation and respect. You need large social circle behind you for backing and acknowledgment. Your attractive and cheerful personality makes you very popular. But friends with whom you are genuinely connected with and related to are very few.

You can be apprehensive and suspicious of people. You do not come close to many people. You make relations even with people whom you do not trust just for professional and social sake. You are a fighter and face difficult times. You take decisions appropriate to the situation and circumstances. You hate careless and lousy people. You are very systematic and smart in everything you so.

You can be a bit arrogant and proud at times. You can be high and mighty because you give a lot of importance to yourself. You get your work done by any means. Others feel that their work is getting done. You make other feel that they are very special and commanders of the situation while you are just a subordinate and the one putting all the effort. You hide an uncompromising and liberal personality under a pleasant and warm surface that others fail to notice.