You have Aries Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

Aries is determined and ambitious and Leo is kind, tender, decent, dignified and poise. The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign balances all these qualities in your personality. You are attractive and appealing. Your personality is striking and fascinating. You are lively, bold and courageous. You are devoted and focused towards your aims. You are enthusiastic, energized, passionate, active and enjoy your work.

You are sociable and friendly. Your warm and cozy personality catches the attention of people around you. You are confident and self-reliant. You are self-sufficient and capable. You are competent and believe in yourself. You have great self-esteem and self-respect. You believe in success and accomplishment in life. You want triumph and achievement to be in control. You are commanding and authoritative. You want a respectable status in the society.

Your friendly and attractive personality impresses people and comes handy in professional life. You are popular among your peers and subordinates. You are talented and gifted. You are direct and straightforward and you form connections with people very easily. You can depend on your relations. You are independent and amiable, everything well balanced. Your mind and heart work in sync with each other. You are sincere, diligent and strong-minded. Your thoughts are in your control and they do not wander around. You focus on your objectives and realize your dreams.