You have Aquarius Sunsign & Leo Moonsign

This is a great combination, not just for yourself but also for the world. You are soft-hearted and believe in ideals and sometimes may even be a bit unrealistic about them. This may often make you impractical. Con—men could see you as a soft-target, easy to extract money from if they tell a sob story. Even your friends and family could take unfair advantage of your generosity at times. Not that you can be fooled for long and when you become aware there may be a spoiled relationship or two.

You have a proud, independent nature and believe in relying upon only yourself. You see yourself a pillar of strength and it is you who helps people when they are in trouble. You have a knack of solving problems and do that not just for yourself but everyone else too.

The Leo part of you makes you warm and friendly while the Aquarius adds emotion and empathy. You have a deep bond with your family and your marriage partner will be a very important person for you. Don’t let romance cloud your judgment. You need to be more practical than you tend to be.

You also have a lot of doggedness. Once your mind is set it is hard to change. You follow your inner convictions and act on them even if the entire world is against you. You are a leader by character but you like to lead by participation, so people find you warm and affectionate.

You will have an intellectual bent of mind, and that combined with your leadership abilities should take you far. But to achieve success, you must learn to keep your emotions in balance.