You have Virgo Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Virgo and Moon sign is Gemini. You are gifted and sharp-witted. Your mind works very fast, you are able to process information and come to a conclusion within seconds. This combination also bestows in you an analytical bent of mind. By reading between the lines, you can grasp complicated details and rationalize them.

Your practical approach does not give way to emotions and sentiments. As a result, your compassionate nature is masked by the formal judgment. You are a keen observer. You can perceive what others are thinking and intending; you may react in a cold and unkind manner to others following your interpretation. For you reason and emotions are two poles apart from each other, which can never be integrated while arriving at a conclusion.

You are a learner. You have a never ending craving for knowledge and information. Both practical and idealistic things fascinate you. You appear variable and inconsistent because you are interested in many things at a time.

Even though your mind is always at work burning many calories, you have a tendency to put on flab. You must exercise and try to develop hobbies that need you to be physically active. From an active sports lover in your younger days, you can become deskbound as you grow older. You tend to engage in activities like reading, which include no physical effort. The best way to over come your sedentary habits is to take upon exercises as a religion.