You have Taurus Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a warm and friendly personality. This combination is a bit opposing and confusing. Taurus Sun wants you to move and give your decision slowly while Gemini moon wants you to react hastily. You are bound to make wrong judgments at times. You lack decisiveness and stability of your sun sign. You tend to form an opinion in a hurry and stick to it. This nature of your signs can land you into problems.

Naturally Taurus has a very good memory. But you do not have this quality. This however doesn’t mean that you are not mentally strong and equipped. You can be negative and judgmental about other people. Taurus sun and Gemini moon make a very impatient, unsettled and uneasy combination. This is not the case with the combinations Taurus makes with other signs.

While you are in a relationship your mind is restlessly searching for weak points in your partner. You do not form steady relationships because you always find an excuse to criticize your companion. You need motivation and push to stick to your job. You need a constant drive force to help you keep going. You have a never ending thirst for knowledge. It gives you mental peace and satisfaction. Education makes you more proficient and efficient in your work. You have good communication skills. Knowledge gives you stability and control. You must always feed your mind with interesting and mind crunching activities. You mind must always be at work.