You have Scorpio Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Scorpio and Moon sign is Gemini. You are a resourceful and an ingenious personality because of the combination of the sun and moon signs. You mingle very easily with people and so are an instant hit with them. Your wit leaves people dumbstruck, though at times may sound caustic. Cynicism might find place at times in your behavior.

You possess great mental abilities which will help you to reason out every minute thing. An exceptionally agile learner, you have an innate urge to get to the root of every happening, which is confronted by the Gemini’s urge to explore something fresh and out of the world. This clash of natures results in either nervous energy or excessive energy and as a result you are always busy hopping from one task to another.

You derive absolute contentment when you multitask and enjoy the kind of pressure you go through while working on numerous tasks. You find working on one thing at a time really boring and not challenging at all. A person who loves vicissitude, you would long to be on the move always. You are receptive to various opinions on a particular topic unlike the rigid characteristic that one comes across in a Scorpio. But there are times when you will be in a quandary as you can weigh both the sides of an argument or a situation.

Possessing an analytic eye and thought along with gift of the gab, you will excel in fields which will tap these skills to the utmost. You have an indifferent and nonchalant attitude towards life and success alone is not a matter to you. But, intelligence and personality that you possess will take you a long way even if the attitude says something else.