You have Pisces Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

The combination of your Pisces Sun sign and your Gemini Moon sign makes you inflexible, wavering and self-willed. Your head and heart may never be in sync as is symbolized by Pisces and Gemini signs. Twins in the symbol of Gemini face different directions and so do the fish in the Pisces sign. Your heart may tell you to go in one direction while your brain tells you to go in the opposite. You may face mental unsteadiness at times. You are not typically rational as a Gemini is but Pisces will add this trait to your personality in its own way.

You do not have a steady personality. You are inconsistent, unstable and unpredictable. You may change your words and stand at any time. You do not know when to concede and when to be firm in your stand. You often react inappropriately at times. You may be firm when situation demands flexibility and bendy when situation demands you to stand your ground. You are not committed and dependable. You may give your word to an obligation but change your mind at the next instant. Your plans must be clear in your head before they are made public.

You are friendly and liked by all. You care about people but things may not be favorable always and you may end up hurting someone. Your inconsistent and changeable nature makes you unpopular with your seniors. Your juniors however respect you for your pleasant nature. Your flexible and adjustable nature helps you handle difficult times and unexpected complexities in life. Your personality is a perfect blend of perception and sensitiveness of Pisces and adaptability and smartness of Gemini. You are eager and enthusiastic. You are intelligent and aware. You have an everlasting hunger for knowledge.